About the Glitch VS Code Extension category

With the beta release of Glitch’s Visual Studio Code extension (available at https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=glitch.glitch) this category is for discussions about the extension, bug reports, and feature requests. If you think you’ve found a bug you can also add an issue at https://github.com/vscode-glitch/vscode-glitch/issues.

The most helpful bug reports might include some of the VS Code logs - either the contents of the “Log (Main)” and “Log (Extension Host)” sections of the Output window revealed by using the View > Output menu selection, or the zipped contents of the directory opened by using the Command Palette Developer: Open Logs Folder command (which may include unrelated information that we’ll only use to work on issues with the extension).

Happy Glitching!


Hey @cori,

I think this bug definitely requires contrast, since it is an chief problem and according to me, should be fixed.

The bug is as follows:
While using vsccde-glitch extension, adding a new package through console (npm i packagename) does not add/update the package to package.json file.

Thanks for the work!


Newb here saying: Wow, thank you!!

This extension already feels so “natural”.

It looks like I should be able to fix bugs and add update to Glitch scripts embedded in Dev.to posts using one of the best editors - all in near real-time - and it all just works. No. buttons or scripts need to be run in the process.

An extra bonus feature is that the text for the post can be created and edited in the Markdown read me for the post’s Glitch project. This feature could make it easier for multiple people to be working on a post prior to editing.

I look forward to reporting on more “magic tricks” that I come across.

Bravo for your efforts!

Here is the Glitch I started about my experience.