About the VS Code Extension category

With the beta release of Glitch’s Visual Studio Code extension (available at https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=glitch.glitch) this category is for discussions about the extension, bug reports, and feature requests. If you think you’ve found a bug you can also add an issue at https://github.com/vscode-glitch/vscode-glitch/issues.

The most helpful bug reports might include some of the VS Code logs - either the contents of the “Log (Main)” and “Log (Extension Host)” sections of the Output window revealed by using the View > Output menu selection, or the zipped contents of the directory opened by using the Command Palette Developer: Open Logs Folder command (which may include unrelated information that we’ll only use to work on issues with the extension).

Happy Glitching!

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Hey @cori,

I think this bug definitely requires contrast, since it is an chief problem and according to me, should be fixed.

The bug is as follows:
While using vsccde-glitch extension, adding a new package through console (npm i packagename) does not add/update the package to package.json file.

Thanks for the work!