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I noticed one of the sample projects referenced a node module named “hyperweb”:

It has its website link set to:

Presumably that’s a private repo (it 404s). Is it likely to be public in the future? It might be useful to see how it works (and what it contains if that NPM page doesn’t cover everything… What does blastOff do?!). I don’t want to soil my machine with Node/NPM to read the source (where we’re going, we don’t need local dev environments!) :grin:

PS. Sorry if this forum is starting to look like “Danny’s Blog” :tongue:


A while ago we were experimenting with a “hyperweb” helper library to make getting started easier. Though it made some things easier it also obscured some things and made others more complicated. We’re not currently exploring that path any more right now, instead keeping a much simpler hello-world template and hoping that the gallery will fill in any gaps on setting up things like CoffeeScript or TypeScript, websockets, etc.

Feel free to dig into the code in the npm module if you’re curious about what we were investigating at the time :slight_smile: