Accessing a Glitch Project's File Externally

So I’m not exactly sure if this is possible in any way but…

Let’s say I’m working on an Electron Application outside of Glitch, and I’d like to somehow access a file/database I’ve stored inside a Glitch Project, is this possible, and if so, how?

If it isn’t possible to, please just be straight forward, the Glitch Community is too kind~

Hi @RiskyRomero

Thanks for asking!

This may be a little tricky, but it should be possible.
A friendly member of our team suggested the following:

  • When setting it up, you’ll want to treat the Electron part as the “front end” of the whole app while the Glitch part is a “back end”.
  • Try keeping the data in a database, and write routes in express - similar to ~hello-sqlite.
  • The get routes should read from the database and generate .json, and the other routes such as post would modify the database.

If you have additional questions, let us know!


Thank you~! I’ll try this !