Accessing .glitch-assets file

I would like to acces to the .glitch-assets file, but I don’t see the way to do it…

If I am correct, the file holds the endpoints of the files from the glitch CDN.

You could download your project, open it up in VS Code or similar, and you should be able to see the file. Just go to Tools > Import/Export, scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Download Project.’

hi, .glitch-assets file is a hidden file that lists all the media on the Glitch CDN linked to your project. You can view it in the terminal by running cat .glitch-assets.

Adding on, to edit it you can temporarily rename it mv .glitch-assets glitch-assets.txt run refresh edit it and then move it back mv glitch-assets.txt .glitch-assets, or you can use a terminal editor like vim and nano.


Thank you. Very easy way

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Thank you
You helped me understanding how it works !
I in fact simply made a
cp .glitch-assets glitch-assets.json
Then accessing it via url

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