Accessing Glitch window.location from inside embed?

Hi! I’ve created an app that generates maps based on some querystring and now I’d like to embed these maps onto Medium. This is the URL structure that I’m currently using to embed on Medium:!/nextcheckbox-glitch-all?sidebarCollapsed=true&previewSize=100

When you copy/paste that into Medium, it correctly displays the app in the default state. However, I’d like to pass a querystring, something like &category=food but all querystrings seem to get erased in the embedding process.

Is what I’m trying to do possible?

Perhaps separate the code from the output in the medium article? If you use the link you can add parameters.

Or maybe directly embed from your source, the glitch project seems to be an intermediary to your actual site.

Thanks! The link unfortunately doesn’t work on Medium (it just shows up as a info card), only the edit link with the editor closed seems to work.

That link I provided was just an example (you’re right, currently it’s just an iFrame), but my main problem is being able to pass query parameters through the link on Medium.

A) This seems to be the only link you can use on Medium to emebd
B) You can add querystrings in here, but you can’t embed that link

I feel like I’m missing something, or is this currently not possible?

Medium uses embedly for embeds, and Glitch is one of the embedly providers, it looks like only the domain is setup for that.
Embedly providers:

There’s the articles on how to embed in Medium …

I didn’t see any parameters for passing query parameters or path parameters through to the app preview, maybe @cori or the support team have more details?

I tried adding &url=… and my browser went for a short vacation, so be cautious with that one :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the detailed response! After experimenting, I don’t think this is possible yet as the embed link automatically converts to the .me URL, but loses all query parameters.

I hope this gets fixed some day as it would allow for reusable apps with different states on load, but I appreciate you helping me with the info!

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