Accidentally created an infinite loop


I was testing out the nodejs server because I don’t know much about it, so I was making a request counter using the async nature of nodejs filesystem and I accidentally created an infinite loop (by copying&pasting previous code), everytime I try to go into the project files it crashes my Google Chrome. What should I do?


Hi Awarewolf,

accessing the editor without opening the app itself should allow you to remove the infinite loop. If this does not work, let us know :slight_smile:


sorry, I just saw the screenshot. If you allow us, we can remove the code that breaks the editor manually.


Have fun, thanks for fast response.


I commented out the code that starts the application. Now you should be able to remove the infinite loop and go on from there.


Thank you, for fast response and fixing my problem.


If you add a watch.json file to your project, you can ignore the file.


Thanks for the tip! I will keep it in mind for sure.


Hi there, I’ve run into a similar problem. A Slackbot I’m building with Botkit is stuck in a loop and I can’t seem to kill it. I’ve been advised that I should be able to kill the process where I’ve hosted the bot (Glitch) to end the conversation, but I don’t know how to do that (first time Glitch / Botkitter here!).

Is anyone able to help a newbie out? Thanks so much.


Hi Amanda,

sure! Can you give us the project name?