Accidentally deleted my CNAME

Hey! I’m programming a website and accidentally deleted my CNAME for my domain. Is there any way I can get it back?

EDIT: For clarification, I lost my link so I’m not able to create another CNAME.


Just use It is the same thing.

I lost my or link so I’m not able to create a new CNAME.

Use It is the same.

It works vice-versa.

You don’t get it, I would happily use but I do not have the link that is given to me to connect my domain to my glitch project.

In this case you should contact a moderator about removing your domain name from Glitch so you can get a new url or put your project on a subdomain.

@53P You don’t need it.

This is my setup. You can lose the link. My website works fine. I use that domain when I loose the main link.