Account Suspended Glitch?

My account has been “suspended” and i don’t know what caused this but a couple hours later my account is unsuspended. While I was suspended I was still able to create and edit projects normally.

What is the cause of this? I’m curious.

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Contact for assistance.

I don’t need assistance because I was unsuspended after hours.

Was it your account suspended, or a specific project? It was most likely a project hitting rate limits after receiving too many requests.

@Callum-OKane Does hitting project rate limits automatically trigger a suspension of some kind? And does it unsuspend when using the app would be under the rate limits?

@sevenworksdev One reason you might want to contact support is to get the answer to your question “What is the cause of this? I’m curious.” And you could let us know. You might check the FAQ about why projects/accounts may be suspended and if the reason yours was isn’t in there perhaps suggest that such information be available to all members.

Otherwise there is a very real chance that it will happen again.

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Hi @sevenworksdev


We are sorry for the false alarm!

Your account is not suspended. This notification temporarily appeared for users while our team was doing some testing yesterday.

Good to know. Thanks!

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