Acess .env file via NodeJS

How can I access the .env file and modify it using NodeJS? I already tried using the module fs, but without success.

Hey @CodingEngineer, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I think many folks use the dotenv package for this purpose.

Hello, I know that this is a little bit off but there is a way to securely store passwords on glitch? I know that the content of the .env file is not shown to other users, but they could easily do a console log and see the passwords.

If the code can use it and the user can edit/run code, then you can’t really hide anything from them. Don’t let users you don’t trust edit your project.

How we can give permissions to other users? And the users without permissions are allowed to use the console?

You can give someone edit access by sending the edit link (Share menu > “invite others to edit”), and no, non-editors cannot use the console.

You can also make the project private in which case only editors can see the code.