Active file is wiped when editor reloads (when switching back to the tab after a long time of inactivity)

The glitch editor disconnected once the tab is idle for a long time - no problem with that. But when I switch back to the tab, Glitch auto-reloads the editor and the active file is blank. To get it back I need to make sure I don’t type anything. Instead, I click to another file, and then click back to the file that was blank, and now it’s properly loaded. This has been happening for quite a while. I’m usign Chrome 75, and haven’t tested in other browsers.

Also, this issue still isn’t fixed and is by far the most annoying thing about glitch: Glitch editor caret moves to the right side of a character even if you click to the left of the center of that character given that the glitch homepage and other pages are apparently built using glitch itself, I’m very surprised that the developers haven’t fixed this one simply because it annoys them on a daily basis.

Neither of these bugs are crippling though, so if you’ve got some super high priority stuff that’s taking all your time then I of couse understand.


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Hey there,
I’ve faced similar issues before. For example, leaving the tab idle for a long time causes some unexpected issues - characters start to appear for they were never there before, etc.

I definitely think the Glitch editor needs improvement, significant improvements.
Also, I would like new themes for the Glitch editor. In addition, the Glitch editor sometimes refreshes/reloads automatically. There are a few other issues that I might have forgot to mention.

Hey @joe thanks for the report - we see the same thing and the team is aware of it and has a ticket open to work on it. I don’t know when we’ll be able to resolve it, but I’ll let you know when it’s fixed!

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