Actual folders in projects

So, if you example name a file commands/command.js the command.js file will work as if it was in a folder.
However, if you got multiple file folders, it’s not easy to specific files in a folder.
Basically it just looks like this

My idea is that you make it so if you got commands/command.js it will be put inside of a folder that you can open and close to easily find what you need. Inside of the commands folder, the commands/command.js file will just be displayed as command.js.
It would be really handy for developers who are using a lot of different folders.

Hey @Aprixia thanks for the suggestion. There are also a number of other suggestions in this category for similar behavior, and it might be useful for you to put your vote on one of those instead of creating a new one.

We do have work on the Editor that we’re hoping to get to soon that might help with the Editor’s file list, but I['m not sure when we’ll get to that.


Hey folks, we’ve released an update to the Editor that turns on a folder-style file list display. Read more about it at Now your folders act like folders!.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues - that topic is a great place to add your comments.

Thanks for your patience, and we hope this is useful! Happy Glitching!