Add a custom domain


How can I add my a custom domain to my glitch website?


You can use a third-party service, like


The link you have given me gives a 404 error.

On the homepage of the website, it says that it does wahtever it does for javescript apps. Does this also count for HTML websites?


Yes, all sites. They’ve moved their help article, so their homepage is the one to use.


Ok…From what I see, this is for back-end apps development. How can I use this for front-end websites?


When you log in go to ‘Add a site’. Tech stack doesn’t matter, you just give them your glitch URL, they give you an address you can use with your domain-name provider.


Where can I find the “add a site”

It does not appear when I log in… instead shows how it was used in a website called


I see a menu option in the top bar called ‘sites’ and then there’s a button with ‘add new site’. Do you see that? They appear to be pivoting away from various previous offerings so perhaps this is no longer shown to new users.


No… i do not see this. Could you send me a link of the site that adds a new site? maybe I will be able to access this if I have the URL


Ah ok, sorry about that. I’ll look into an easy to use alternative. Here’s the link:


Hm… that also redirects me to a 404


hmm, ok so say it all still works and will continue to. The article is back up: and hopefully you can access


How can I add my a custom domain like a xyz or something. I’ll buy the domain and how i can use or contant with the glitch website?


Doesn’t glitch already have custom domains?


Hey @KOSTA, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

As @MewKirby points out Glitch does have built-in support for custom domains but as you may have noted they require you to have soent some time helping other community members.

You can also add a custom domain manually as the links above indicate. Those are a little out of date, though; a better place to look is [Tutorial] custom Domain with Glitch or [Tutorial] Get your Glitch project on a domain!.

Hope this helps!