Add ability to remove people from Projects?

Today one of the people on our group website was bored and decided to delete the whole thing. Thankfully we had a back up but we couldn’t kick him from the project to stop because he wouldn’t stop.

Also, having the ability to control who can send invite links would be helpful because the same guy invited a bunch of his friends who messed our code up.

From the top-left list of avatars showing who is a member of the project, select the member you want to remove and you’ll see the remove from project option.

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I’m having the same issue–I just allowed him in to look at my mistakes, and now I can’t dump him. Help?

hey fecklesscoder,

That sucks :frowning: . as gareth mentioned above, you can totally boot them out by clicking their avatar on the sidebar

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I didn’t see that button anywhere. Seriously.

mee too where is the butoon