Add an advertising category

Basically what i’m suggesting is that we add a category where users can advertise and tell others about their websites/bots. That would be way better for promoting your newly-made codes but could also lead to a lot of spam. I’ve checked and many forums have that kind of category, and it actually goes (kinda) well! But i need your opinions.

  • I think it would be fine
  • I don’t know
  • I think it would lead to a lot of spam

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I think there is already a place for that: #the-gallery

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Well then,

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Well back then I used 000webhost to run a forum that I never looked at
In the end it filled up with mostly spam and advertisements to stuff(like captcha solving stuff). So it’s very possible this will be the category that is most spammed

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No please, just no.

Guys, this topic was like a month ago. The idea was declined, why are you even here for?
@glitch_moderators please close this

Is this the Revive-Dead-Suggestions day? So many people are necro-bumping today :frowning:

It’s @glitch_support, as you know

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[This is rejected]