Add code intelligence to Glitch

I have a suggestion for you!

how about adding code intelligence:

(This photo is an edition)

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What you are reffering to is called Intelligent code completion often reffered to as IntelliSense or Code Autocompletion.

This should be failry easy for Glitch to implement themselves because of CodeMirror’s showHint method.

CodeMirror also has built-in hints for JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML, so that should make the job even easier.


They could also use the Monaco editor, which is the open-source editor that powers Visual Studio Code.

it would make Coding Easier Glitch AutoCompletes Certain Strings of Code for you
Like in HTML when you type
<div>it will complete it with </div> for you But adding code snippets so it pops up like Visual Studio code would be awesome.
you have a vote from me
It would making coding easier
P.S I also think they should add a Code Snippet menu so you can search for what you want to do and People can make their own Code Snippet packs you can use

Really good editor, but doesn’t support mobile at all :cold_sweat:

Ace.js would be the best editor, it has a lot of options including IntelliSense.

Monnaco is sort of like Eris, good but not much people know because it only has a documentation and is missing a sort of “cookbook”

Exactly, when I tried to implement it for GlitchyPastePen, I was so lost after reading the documentation, although I won’t call it a documentation.