Add file description to images uploaded to the assets folder

What do you think about adding input fields for alt and title text for uploaded images?

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To clarify, I have a few projects that programmatically read the images from the assets folder via the .glitch-assets file.

I see how having these fields might confuse some people, because they might think adding these will also add the text to the actual image in their code.

If that’s the concern here, perhaps adding a “Description” field could be a good compromise?

Thanks for the suggestion Stefan. I don’t think it’s something we’re likely to get to soon because so few people use the assets folder this way, but I’ll create a case for it and I will let the product team decide.

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Bumping this to see if there is perhaps more interest in this feature now. Also adding an updated mockup.

There is definitely more focus on accessibility on the web.

I’d like to be able to access these programmatically when uploading images via an API, but there’s quite a few use cases.

The problem is that the use cases are actually not much, it’s better to auto-genarate them with AI

Generally speaking, this would be a way to associate data with an image without needing a database.

So, if you make your source code private, you could, for example, create a quiz app where the answer to a question presented in an image (say, an outline of an unnamed country) can be easily stored here. (The actual alt text could be then a bit vague as not to reveal the answer.)

That’s just one idea. I think an extra field is an easier update than integrating an image recognition algorithm, although this is definitely a great solution for social media sites.

Probabily this could be an idea if hidden on the profile settings

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