Add "GLITCHCRITICAL" to automatically notify staff members of major outages / security issues

Due to the recent outages of Glitch for an hour or two, I did not seem to recognize any glitch staff working on the problem, nor showing any errors other than 0 project container availability.

I took this idea from the roblox developer forum (which also uses discourse) to use a keyword in forum topics to automatically notify staff members of outages. (They call it “ROBLOXCRITICAL”)

So is it possible for glitch discourse topics that contain “GLITCHCRITICAL” in the title it would notify glitch staff more effectively or is this unnecessary?

But can’t we just mention @glitch_support for that? But you have my vote!

Basically the whole point of the support_staff group, isn’t it?

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@youngchief_btw I see what you are saying but I feel like this could be a way to have urgent posts put in a priority because the support_staff ping gets used quite often.

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