Add project to team

Hello! I had a couple of projects in my personal account that I wanted to add to my company team so shared / joined them with my company login account (which is on the team) but am not seeing anything in the Add Project dropdown - have I missed a step?

The search system in projects has been a bit broken recently.
I’ll ping @glitch_support!

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I’d like to follow on to this message as it seems related to something I’ve been asking. I am a team member but have been unable to add a project to the team. Is the idea that I add it to my personal account and then add it to the team? Or alternatively do I log in as the owner of the team account and create a project there?


Hi @tleylan - I believe you need to either have created or joined a project in order to add it to a team. If you’re trying to add a project someone else created you can either click Request to join (e.g. if it’s someone you work with) or remix it if you want to create your own copy to then add to your team. Alternatively you can create your own project then add it to the team. Hope that helps!

Hi Sue, Thanks, I did get a reply to my other message. It was more about choosing a practical way to do it. If a member of the team creates the project to share then they remain the owner which if they don’t manage the team doesn’t sound good. As you point out it could be remixed but as we don’t have the project yet we may as well get the team owner to create it. Remixing is a good alternative to keep in mind, thanks.

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Ahh I’m with you, a recommended pathway would definitely be handy :+1:t2: