Add 'refresh' button in Glitch Editor

It will helps some people that cannot access Project Terminal for Executing refresh command by adding Refresh Project button inside Editor :wink:

You could make something like that using PHP

Ah yes, I see…
Something like this:


If this is incorrect, Feel free to fix my code :wink:

yeah, but more like


I don’t think soo if exec in php is function :smiley:

there is functions like mail(who, from, subject, body)

Whew, I’m still Beginner in PHP, and Thanks for Fixing my refresh codes :smiley:

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You should use lamp-poc to run this all, as well.

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Lamp-poc is kind of unstable in my opinion. Also, it leaks server logs!


Yes. Remix lamp-poc and go to or @RiversideRocks was the one who found out about the log leakage.


It is.

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