Add 'Timeout' before Waking Up Project

Well, It seems like community want stop some Pinging service… But how about adding ‘Timeout’ when Idle project Requested?

Like ‘Wait for 3 second…’ Or something ? :smiley:

How excatly does it work?

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When the ‘Client’ sending request to the Idle Project,

Client must wait the timeout for Waking up the Project.

Like ‘Wait for 2 second for waking up App…’

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So, it just slows down the wakeup time. Not really gonna do anything, except make anyone visiting the page more aggervated when trying to make it up.


Yep, loading times are slow enough already. I don’t think Glitch is having issues with usage of pinging services anymore.


What if glitch were to allow pinging but still blocked it and then gradually turned it on

I’m sorry, I can’t see what the point of that would be.

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It’s just to turn some on over time

I support this!sounds like a revolutionary idea that will make other coding sites–Even the block based ones–take notice of how advanced glitch is!

I say that if you saw a site that had you wait a timeout and the start up, I’d think they wouldn’t be the best.

Good argument but i think its for the best to not waste project hours

You waste them anyways even with the timeout, and only 1/1000 would leave the glitch site, and that’s if its an actual thing that they like using.

so your kinda saying either way,Timeouts might be a bad idea

the wake up is annoying
we don’t need another one.