[Added image host!] New URL shortener with custom domain support

As part of an experiment, I’ve bought the shortest domain I could possibly find, which happens to be 0tr.me! Pronounced “otter dot me”.

Go shorten your link and even use many funny domains already on the platform.

It’s open source, and you can even use your own custom domain with the short links.

Cheers! https://0tr.me

EDIT: Added image hosting. Just toggle the “File host?” button at the top of the page!

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Wow this looks SUPER cool! How does the custom domain part work after you set it up?

Simple redirects which then redirects to short URL! adding support for custom slugs soon

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imma just put this out before someone does but I swear within a few day someone’s going to use it to setup a rickroll redirect

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Good thing is you only need to remember one link! Once the service gets the same link shortened, it saves the backward slug to the DB too, so it only serves the same short link next time the same URL is shortened

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