Adding a chat function to the code editor

One thing that I have done on glitch is making an private server, and I am always collaborating with my friend on the project. One thing I would like to see added would be something like what has, which is a chat window at the bottom corner of the screen which would make it much easier to communicate without constantly having to use comments. I really like glitch, and hope that you consider adding this. thanks for your time in reading this

Yeah, that’s a good idea!

I don’t think glitch would add that. Especially since there are other means of communicating like through Discord, etc. But they could still consider it in future updates.

Hi there! We know that this is something a few other community members have asked for. Were we to add chat (something we have considered since before we launched) we would need to do it in a way that keeps users safe, and that means having the resources to moderate, react to abuse, and a solid user experience that incentivizes being kind to each other. We don’t have such resources now to do it the right way, but it’s something we’re always considering looking into when planning collaborative features in the editor.


Also while we are on that note bring back the request to join and fix the bug so you can accept it. Checking my email all the time can be a little inconvenient.

I do agree that it would require moderation if there was to be a chat function in the editor, however, similar to how you are able to change settings such as text wrap, theme, etc, etc. If you add this feature, then maybe a setting to enable chat, therefore users can choose for themselves. similar to apps such as discord, it would also make sense for users to also control blocked people in the chat, or to make it so that only project members can chat to others within the editor.
Also Jenn, thanks for your consideration of this feature, and hope you have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hi - it’s best if you create a new thread for any requests or bugs you see! This thread is specifically about a chat feature.


It’s a good idea