Adding a language to Format Descriptions

I’ve been thinking of adding a language (my own) to several websites.

  • Example: Discord Bot List
  • Information: Allowing users to format their description of their bot (in “upformat”)

It’ll allow them to use the same features as Markdown

  • “/**” will be changed to "*b" then end it by closing like, "*"
  • “/``” will be changed to "c", like so it’ll end in a ""`

I’m pretty sure you get what I’m meaning.

  • It’ll allow you to interact with things. like when you have:
< - HTML: >
[ Code here ]
< / ---------- >

or it’ll allow you to add fun things. like:

< - TEXT >
"Optional: Add something as a text header"
< / -------- >

and a button with scripts

< - BUTTON >
HTML: <h>Input Text Here</h1>
JS (Or Javascript): alert("hi")
< / -------- >

When this project is finished, could you add it to this website. it’ll be a good feature.

This makes no sense, can you rephrase?

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Hi there @devtheo - when the project is finished, you should share a demo on Glitch of it in The Gallery category of this forum so we can try it out. We don’t plan on adding new languages or abstractions to the actual Glitch, editor though, but I’d love to see this language in action when it’s ready!