Adding another way to deploy projects. / plus a bug

Hi I am a new JS coder and I am kinda annoyed on that I have to deploy my project to github then to glitch, there should be another way to upload or deploy. The reason is my project is private and github needs you to pay for private projects, and this may make my project leaked. Add a way to upload or deploy directly to glitch please!

A bug I found:

The pop up GUIs are UNDER the code GUI I can open the profile tab and not click anything and it makes me click the code’s line. I’m pretty sure its called a “zindex” and you might wanna raise it up to the highest level.

So you have an existing project than you want to add to Glitch? You could upload a zip of it to ‘assets’ in a Glitch project and then use the URL to import the project to the Glitch project itself using wget from the console and unzipping it.

Can you provide a screenshot of the bug you found so we can make sure we’ve understood it correctly. We’ll then get it fixed up! Thanks for reporting.

Thank you for telling me I didnt know about that.
BUG Part:
What happens is when I click it makes me go back to typing code and closes the UI but if i’m out of range of the code UI it works normally

Working Screenshot:
Bug Screenshot:

Hope this makes it more understanding

Thanks for the detail. The URLs you’ve given to the screenshots are the same - I think there’s a different one for the bug?

Oh My Bad! Sorry. Heres new links

Working example:
Bug Example:

Oh, weird that doesn’t look good. From the first screenshot it looks like you’re using Chrome for your browser? Can you confirm the version number and your OS and I’ll try and reproduce - haven’t been able to so far. Thanks.

I am using Version 68.0.3440.106 of chrome and using Windows 10 as my OS.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this with the same OS and browser. Can you confirm whether it happens in an incognito window too? It could be a browser plugin that isn’t playing nicely with Glitch. These are some of the plugins we know can cause problems: But there will be others too.

Found the extension that broke it, called “Citadel” this app somehow changes how the coding UI works and works over all the other UIs, I think you can add it on that list of non working plugins. Thank you!

Yep, will do! Thanks for letting us know and glad you got it sorted.

Thank you! And about the command wget then the URL Its not working. I am putting a .js script, zipping it then copy the url by clicking it and it said it successfully did it but it doesnt show at my project.

Oh Wait! I found the problem! As soon as i rewinded by project it finally showed up? Im not sure if it didnt update or it was a glitch cause I did reload the page but thanks anyways!

Couple of things - if you’re just uploading a single file, you don’t need to zip it. I just suggested a zip because I thought you were referring to multiple files.

The file not immediately showing up isn’t a bug. At the moment the files created by the console and in the editor aren’t synced. You can run the refresh command to manually sync them and it’ll show.