Adding links to articles and domains

How do I get a link to each of my blogs on my website? The while website is just on one link but I would like to have a link for each of my articles. If I added a domain would it apply to my articles? Thanks

Hi @smorezsun! How your individual articles are addressed or linked to depends on what platform or framework you’re using to generate them and whether or not you’re writing each article manually as a separate page or using a publishing platform like Ghost. Can you provide your project name so we can get a better idea of where to point you?

I’m not sure I understand your second question - can you give us a little more detail? What do you mean by “add a domain”?

@smorezsun I am a Website Developer… I can teach you.

Just add the following line into your tag you want the link be in href="/location1/location2/etc..."

And if you want it to be a link from a other website and not a file from your website, you just insert the link instead of the location part. So than it would be: href=""

Let me know if this helped,

It’s about a website, most websites are made in HTML.


Ok. Where exactly do I insert the tag for the link to the new website?


In a tag you would like the website be in, If you still can’t figure it out you always might to send me a Private Message with the link of your Glitch Project so I can help you a bit.