Adding PyTorch to default Python3 container

First, a thank you to Glitch for supporting not only Python but also a number of useful, default packages.

I’m currently trying to run!/nbdt, but installation fails due to limited disk drive space (understandable, PyTorch is pretty big). It’s a minimal app with the following requirements.txt. Just this and a Python file on disk.


I was wondering if we could have PyTorch (and maybe numpy?) in the default Python3 container. Would be much appreciated! pip3 list gives me the following list.

Package             Version               
------------------- ----------------------
pip                 20.0.2                
pycurl              7.43.0                
pygobject           3.20.0                
python-apt          1.1.0b1+ubuntu0.16.4.5
setuptools          46.1.2                
unattended-upgrades 0.1                   
wheel               0.29.0