Adjustments to the Glitch projects menu

Currently, when accessing glitch workstations, you are presented with this menu which offers two options for creating a new Glitch project:

This is fine for use but I believe it can be improved by moving pre-existing functionality like Github repo imports for new workstations and additionally add the ability to create a completely clean workstation by simply importing an empty repo like:

This is my preposed improvement: image

EDIT: To clarify, this preposial would move the the import repo functionality to the navbar removing the need for people to generate a workstation first before even seeing the options to import.


I think being able to start a project from an imported repo is a cool idea, especially for those who know what Github is (something i’ve learned we can’t necessarily assume with Glitch these days)

One consideration however is that the import feature is also used to import the newest changes from a repo on top of an existing app (replacing it’s contents with the imported ones).

An example of this is the:
remix → make changes → export to github → import onto the original glitch app
flow that people use to safely change a production app.