After downloading projects, can't start others

I’m trying to download (as .tgz files) all my projects in Glitch. This involves starting up the editor, navigating to Tools, then Import/Export, then download. I’ve done this for 6 projects and now suddenly I can’t start up any other existing projects to download them.

If I remix to an incognito window, the editor starts fine. It feels a bit like Glitch is “catching” me as some kind of DDOS attacker or something. Is that the case? Is there a better way to download all my existing projects without starting up an editor for each of them?

While I don’t work at Glitch, it is possible that the Google Captcha thinks your a malicious user. However, I don’t think the “mass downloading” of projects is preventing you from opening more projects.

Can your clear your cache? This can sometimes fix the loading editor issue.