All data and code from my project… Gone!

Hey everyone ! (sorry if my english isn’t very good)

I have a express project where all my data and my code is almost missing : it was ‘replace’ by one of my other express project.

I don’t know why this happened, the rewind button can rewind only the data from my other project, this is really weird !

If anyone as a solution or a idee of what should i do ,that would be super cool !

Thanks !

Hey @Huzeyfe32, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I’m sorry this happened but I think we can probably get things straightened out. Can you give me the names of the two projects you’re talking about and let me know which one you want restored; we may be able to clear things up with just that info. If you can remember the time when you first saw it broken that would be good to know too. From there we can see if we have some backups, if it comes to that.

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Problematic project: scarce-agreementt

hey @Huzeyfe32, it looks like your project is taking up too much disk space. I’ve added some additional space temporarily to give you time to resolve the issue; Glitch full disk error discusses the steps required.

Hope this helps!

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