All Data and Code is gone from project

Hey everyone. Everything was working fine with my project this morning. The code was there, and when i clicked open in new window everything was just fine. This is the project: . I even sent the link to the website yesterday and it was also fine. However, just now when i clicked on it it turned to the basic formatting as if i just started to remix the project. I tried looking at the rewind history and it only goes up to the day i opened the project. Can someone please help. Let me know what other info you need to help me. Thank you. Stay safe!

Hey @linggnil88,

Email Glitch at and they will be able to restore your project from their backups of your project. KINDLY DO NOT EDIT THE PROJECT ANY FURTHER, OR IT COULD PUSH THE LAST BACKUPS FROM GLITCH’S SERVERS.

Hope this helps!


Contact immediately glitch support at and do not edit or do anything to your project after they doesn’t restore from the last backup.

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