All edits lost for previous day

Yesterday i added new files and edited some. But when opened project today, all new files are gone including edits made to existing file. Just like someone completely deleted database entry for a day.
And yes, there is no logs in Rewind that something happened (not even showing hat files were edited).

This is very irritating and i don’t have backup of codes.

1) When opened my browser after a day while glitch was idle

2) After refreshing
Notice how files are missing.

Email glitch at and do not edit the files


This happened to @EddiesTech and he got his project back

To add on. Glitch will restore a previous backup, if you edit the files any edits your make will be erased. Glitch staff also work standard jobs, Monday - Friday, 9-5 so you’ll get a response on Monday.

Looks like Glitch Staff aren’t active anymore here. This defeats the purpose of forums for glitch related help.
Anyways looking at replies, there is no other way except emailing them.

They are less active, but haven’t gone completely inactive.


We have received your support request and are following up now!

When code is missing from projects, the quickest way to get help is by sending a message to