All modules uninstalled

My bot went offline and it started installing modules. After it was done it said Error: Cannot find module ‘discord.js’. Why did my modules uninstall!?!? How do I fix this. (also the console failed to start)

Can you try rewinding?

(Search rewind in the project’s search bar)

Hmm ok I’ll try that soon (can’t rn I’m doing something)

Honestly I think it’ll work cus this has happened before and rewinding fixed it but I’m really worried it’ll happen again

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@RiversideRocks ok it fixed it but im scared it could happen again. (and the terminal still isn’t working) ill email glitch support if it isn’t fixed by tmrw

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Do you have dbl or did you recently install another package. But before you answer those, try to open full screen console and run enable-pnpm

@chessebuilderman I do have dbl

That is most likely the problem

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what does it do?? and don’t I need it to do stuff with votes on dbl?

If it is setup incorrectly, it will cause that error. So I chose not to mess with it

ah ok I will uninstall it unless I need it but does anyone know how to use it properly??