All my projects are Loading indefinitely

I’ve noticed that none of my projects load at all and are stuck on the “Waking up” Sequence indefinitely.

Is there any sort of way to Backup or fix the Projects?

The projects loading indefinitely in question are t64existence-2 and koleotank-arrasio-master2.

Best regards,
-A certain somebody

What browser are you using?
If this persists, wait it out and try again later.

I’m currently using Google Chrome if that’s of any help-

Everything seems fine on I would recommend trying again later.

Noticed that, too. I cannot even open one of my projects. (Using Firefox)


We’ve had some spots of trouble with projects failing to start or starting very slowly this morning. We believe it’s starting to clear up though (@Koleotank: t64existence-2 is loading now, for example).

Thanks for you patience.