All of my projects got suspended

All of my projects got suspended and no reasons were provided. Most of the time I use glitch on my PC. And these projects are very important to me. I sent a mail to glitch support. But they didn’t reply. Help!

Hey @ObliviousDonkey, I’m sure Glitch will email you very soon, owing to their timezone. But if you insist, I’ll ping @glitch_support!

Okay, I am waiting. It’s been almost 12 hours. Is there any method to get the backup of my projects?

Not until Glitch Staff arrives. :frowning:

This is so sad. These are important AF to me.

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Read Glitch’s TOS, because 99% of your projects got suspended and that’s weird, what are the projects about?

Or try emailing!

Most of them are Discord bots. Some are blank projects

@glitch_support Need help here

Just email and they will help you there.