All of my work just disappeared

I had 2 projects. One of them vanished and all of my work in the other has gone. The readme now reads: SSS. I didn’t share edit link with anyone except one person who I trust in a different timezone. This person (anonymous) was in the same timezone as me (GMT + 0). How can I get my data back? Also, I have no backups of this. This happened in the last 18 hours. I don’t know when exactly as I had not checked glitch for that time.
Not only this… but all of my passwords and saved data has been stolen.
Project Name: sankobot-js and the one that’s disappeared: guru-ankrad-selfbot.

Also, is it possible to check my invite to edit links in case i accidentally gave an edit link out?

Ok, I have fixed it using the console using git log and git checkout and then refresh. I still don’t know how it happened, but for anyone else, that’s what you have to do! Glitch Github Commits FTW!

There’s a git instance within each project, which takes periodic snapshots of your project so you can also use that instead of GitHub commits.

If you think your project was accessed and they’ve seen user credentials/tokens, then be sure to reset and replace them. Remixing your project is also recommended so if your invite link was accidentally leaked then they can’t see the updated details in the new project version.