Allow anonymous downloads of projects?

I’ve got a Chrome DevTools tutorial that I want to host on Glitch. Part of the tutorial involves downloading the source code (it’s a tutorial on using Workspaces to map changes that you make in DevTools to your local source code). Unfortunately, the prerequisite of having to be logged in in order to download projects is a nonstarter for my use case (which could be pretty common to many DevRel-ers).

Hi users who are not signed in - but are members of a project - can download projects. to test this, make a new glitch project from an incognito and you should be able to download that project.

In the case of your tutorial, are learners remixing the project in order to make changes on it? Remixing confers ownership onto the learner, so they should be able to download their remixed project

Remixing is an interesting prospect. I’ll see if that suits my needs. Thanks for the idea.

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Just in case you aren’t aware, you can remix a project using a URL, they don’t have to load a project first. This might be preferable for your use-case if your tutorial is on a blog rather than within a project - see for details.

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Oooo this just gets better and better. Definitely preferable for my scenario

Much excite, very intrigue