Allow multiple projects to have the same name

I think it would be a great idea if every user had their own namespace of projects such that they would each be able to have a project named base-project and so forth. It would allow project remixing to occur in a manner that would result in projects being named predictably, etc. Many Glitch projects are bite-sized experiments yet the names that represent them are permanent and affect everyone in a restrictive manner (when it comes to naming a project on Glitch), even if the projects are private.

It might require an update to the existing infrastructure but I believe such a change would be widely appreciated. Users would no longer have to squabble over project names, etc. We could all have our very own base-project.

@RA80533, I believe this change can cause multiple problems with the project urls, as the project’s live app url is based on the project’s name. If each user had their own version of base-project, the live app url is gonna get even more complicated!

I’d imagine the kind of change would result in the URLs changing to something akin to how GitHub routes their repositories. For example, if I were to have base-project, it might live under Accessing the app from the browser might be something along the lines of or

That makes a longer URL!

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Im sorry but i have had my project name taken and suspended because someone broke the ToS.

This would increase risks and the system may not be capable of handling this

No vote i’m afraid!

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@17lwinn Wouldn’t this mitigate that kind of thing from happening?

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I’m not too sure, just seems a bit risky

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