Allow pinging with boosted project

I know that the ping service was banned for any project.

Some project using webhooks that are unrelated to the use of ping services. As boosted project is always online, so I think there is no reason for using ping to let the project wake up with boosted project.

Hold up, aren’t boosted projects always on?

Yes, boosted project is always on, Glitch banned ping service for disallow user to ping unboosted project, but why the boosted project still banned this ping service? Not just ping service, any non browser request to the project endpoint are forbidden.

False, I have been able to use curl just fine. Glitch blocked common services people use cause they would have distinct user agents

For me I using the project as webhook endpoint first telegram, when telegram trigger the end point, it say wrong response from the webhook 403 forbidden, so I think it still not working.

Well, what service are you using to send requests?

I using telegram api to set the webhook with my project url, when i send some message to the telegram bot, the telegram api will trigger my webhook, but telegram api displaying “Wrong response from the webhook: 403 Forbidden”, so that mean they cannot reach my project endpoint.

This would be a nice feature as making an API with Glitch is hard with this restriction.

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Curl itself has their User-Agent headers so it’s works. Without that header, Glitch will throw it into 403 error.

By the way, Telegram Webhook APi seems like didn’t gave any User-agent header during request, So they throw 403 error on it. But if i see, that’s not a bad idea.

Cuz, Everytime i’m requesting to my API endpoint that hosted on glitch, It always forbidden if you don’t provide User-agent headers.

Hi @hoffman :wave: If you can provide the name of your project I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out why we aren’t allowing Telegram to send requests to your project.

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