Allow signing in with email on the forum

First, the only way to login was GitHub, now Google. But why don’t we have email? Sometimes I just can’t log in to GitHub because I have 2 Step Verification and I can’t log in to my GitHub account because well, my email does not work in some places.

This forum already has enough spammers with Google login, now an email login too?


How do you know they came from the google login?

The spam seemed to start after the staff added Google login :man_shrugging:


There has already been spam before the Google login

So it could be a coincidence that it started after adding google login. So, you can’t be so sure about it starting after adding the google login.


I agree, but the spam has been more prevalent after adding a google login.


Hi! So this is a v good idea, but I want to tell you why we have not done this yet. Spam and potential hacking are a tiny part of it, yes, but the primary blocker here is user experience driven: if you log in with an email and password on this forum, that email and password does not work on domains that are not on the support subdomain. This can be v confusing and not obvious for folks, having two logins for what is perceived to be the same place (all on the domain).

In a perfect world, you would be able to log into the Glitch forum with your Glitch login, and that’s something I’ve been advocating for and even started work on, but we found it would take time and resources we don’t have right now to get it right.

There are two things I can do here: one, pass this feedback on to the product team, which I do regularly anyway! Two, I can explore if there are Discourse plugins for magic link logins (because ultimately password confusion is the issue) but it looks like that doesn’t help your particular case here.