Allow users to add descriptions to blocks of code changes (similar to a git commit)

I love the rewind feature on Glitch, but I wish I could see something a little more descriptive than just the names of the files changed for a given period of time – not only for the sake of knowing where to rewind to, but also to document the evolution of a project. Would it be possible to allow users to add descriptions onto changes, like in a git commit?

Alternately, does anyone have a system that they love for keeping changes neat and readable in a glitch project (other than just commenting the code?)

Image of the rewind tooltip with name of changed file for reference:

Can you add labels or setup branches for the commits on the commandline? would they show in the rewind …

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I don’t know! I’ll check it out, that sounds really cool

Currently nothing from the git commit shows up in the Rewind window, which is predicated on the automatic git commit process that Glitch follows by default. We’re planning some improvements to both how git works in Glitch and how Rewind and git fit together to support more complex and full-featured workflows, and I think that work will help support the kind of information it seems like you’re interested in.

I’m not sure when we’ll get to this work or what exactly it will look like - as I said it’s very much in the planning phase - but we’ll definitely let folks know when it’s ready!