Allowing "Upgraded" members to use custom domains

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Hey there,

I think it would be cool to allow (at least) “Upgraded” members to use as many custom domains as they want to (or at least ~10 ?). Currently, I’m a basic member, but that would be a killer feature for me.

For now, I need to help (and get thanks) from at least 2 members, but seriously … I never see someone asking for help. And when I see someone asking for help it’s a mistake or there are already 10+ people trying to help.

It’s really awesome for people looking for help, but probably not for someone like me looking to add a custom domain ^^

(PS: You are the best, it’s just a feature I would love to see and a reason for me to become an “Upgraded” member <3 )

I second this, I’m paying for a subdomain basically lol

Thank you @dylan :slight_smile:
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You can also create your own reverse-proxy to manage custom domain yourself


Wow, I really like this idea. This would be easier for new users to use a custom domain. I feel like the 2 thanks thing is put in place for abuse prevention using custom domains.

well, if this were to occur, how would a lot of projects made by the younger age range be able to put their site on a custom domain? we can’t just go and take our parent’s credit card ( without getting in trouble =P )

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I’m confused. Can’t anyone add custom domains? What’s the difference between that in this?

Are you asking glitch to buy domains on yalls behalf?


Update: They are talking about the fact that you have to get 2 thanks to get upgraded domains. (Took me less than 3 days).


took me 4 months to get 2 thanks

People under 18 shouldn’t even own a domain. Most registrars have it in their ToS that you must be 18 to buy and own a domain. ICANN doesn’t have any rules about it, but I certainly have a feeling that many people under 18 have used registrars that requires you to be 18+.

Custom domains wasn’t around by the time I had 10 thanks :joy:

Personally, I believe that someone under 18/the age stated in the ToS of the registrar should be allowed to have a domain as long as it is being overlooked by someone over that age. This would mean there are no immature young idiots who own domains and are putting stupid stuff out on the web. As long as websites are overlooked by a parent/guardian/repsonisble adult I think it should be OK.


Sadly though, this will most likely never happen. And registrars doesn’t really do anything about this matter anyway…

The way to get around this is have somebody over 18 purchase the domain.

That doesn’t really stop immature kids from making websites. The adult should overlook the whole process of making the website too! Heck! Adults should overlook everything young people do online! My mum does!


Regardless of domains, youngsters will still be able to write code, websites software and so on. I have nothing against that at all what so ever.

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Or at least teach online responsibility. :smile:

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Maybe your thinking of a parental control setting for glitch… Like a parent would have to oversee the child’s actions through a master account while the child has limited access. Eg to the console

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gets a phone alert
Hello, we just noticed that your child ran npm i express in the console. If you would like to take action, please give us a call.


There, your child has been hardware banned from Glitch.

Thank you!