Almost Impossible to unlock custom domains

I want to use a custom domain, but the custom domains section says I need to be thanked 2 times. However the webpage for thanking keeps saying “No one is asking for help right now”, or something like that (I can’t check because of my bad internet connection). Can somebody help me unlock the feature? Is it possible a staff member to unlock it for me?

BTW Please try to reply soon as it takes a few minutes to open glitch support, and some arts of glitch are blocked so it’s difficult to get on glitch with the current ISP

Feast your eyeballs on this tutorial by @xXProGamerXx :slight_smile:

He is trying to get Help points, not help about how to bring your glitch project on a domain!

@javaarchive, I think that’s just a community problem, everyone are trying firstly to ask questions on the forum, and they aren’t using “help button” in the editor at all. Maybe you can make big topic here, where people will help each other in getting “thanks!”.

Hey @javaarchive, your observation is correct, it does sometimes take a lot of patience to find folks to help. We’re considering how we can make both the helping / thanks process work better for everyone as well as thinking about potential changes to Custom Domains, but I don’t know when any of that work will be prioritized.

In the meantime the tutorial @mishavee linked to shows how to accomplish what you’re looking to do in a slightly more manual manner and is probably your best bet for now. Sorry for the bother!