Alot of Glitch lag, project marked as Starting forever

Hello, my project name is Triassic, recently me and my friend put the Argon Bootstrap Theme, after we did that the editor started lagging very hard and the website didn’t load, it was marked as starting forever, i tried accessing the editor and website using phone, same problem. My friend did it using his Computer that is running Windows 10 Pro, his browser is Microsoft Edge, but the same problems still occured, please fix this issue as soon as possible, also this happens not only on the Triassic project, we tried making a new project and doing it there, but the same issues happened.

@Triassic interesting – I’ll take a look at the project if it’s public! I’ve been getting that error pretty frequently myself lately, but (for me) it was always an error in my own code. Have you ever gotten that Bootstrap theme successfully working elsewhere?

@househaunt Unfortunately, no, but i will make the project public right now.

@Triassic I think I’ve found the issue! I remixed the project to take a look at it, and I also noticed that it took a very long time to load in the editor, and never loaded in the Show panel. I can’t speak to why there’s so much lag time in the editor (possibly due to filesize, or downloading dependencies…?) but the reason why the app never loads is because the package.json is pointing to server.js, and that file is empty – you’ll have to either set up the server in there, or point the package.json file to a different file. Good luck, and let me know if you have any further questions!