Alot of things in 1 post (1. can you add 4 space tabs 2. can you show hidden folders 3...)

i have so many things to say but i also dont want spam you all with tons of posts so im going to put it all in 1 post:

  1. can you add 4 space tabs

ive always hated that glitch does 2 space tabs insted of 4 as i think 4 spaces look way better (and the first things i coded used them so i kinda just liked them from the start) so i always have to do 2 tabs and the auto tab system get SUPER annoying so i wa wonder if you could make a option or somthing to fix it

  1. can you show hidden folders
    i know that if your folder name starts with . (eg. .node-modules/) they get hidden and i would like that bc you can hide files from people but then how are you sposed to edit said files so could there be a way to type in a file (hidden or not) and if it exists have it pop up or have like a thing where you have to type in the file name and it will bring you to the file (that would be useful in more ways than just this as well)

  2. view js created files
    sometimes you can set a node module that can make files but as far as i know even when refreshing in console it will not show them so is this thae case and is so can you wiev them (normaly you know the name but cant see conthns so the search file and view would be halpful here too)

Hey @geoffrey1900 these all sound like good topics for and should be individual topics so other folks can vote for the specific ones they’re interested in. For some of them there may be existing topics you can add your vote and input to.

If you decide to make those topics, I’m not sure what you mean by #3, so if you could provide some additional info or a specific example (and a link to a project that shows the example if possible) that would be ideal.

Ok I’ll do that or wait actually I can just make a poll I think

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That’s fine @geoffrey1900, but that doesn’t exactly help us here at Glitch keep track of these requests. We’re much more likely to be able to find them if they’re in the Feature Ideas category as separate topics.

Ahh ok I’ll do that then

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