Alright Glitch, fix my profile please

Hello Glitch

I recently posted on Twitter about my account being f*kd up bad after the account merging. I also posted a thread in

In the thread I explained what I have access to, and what i don’t have access to (which I obviously should have). It is starting to get quite annoying with for example seeing two very different things in the editor and the provile view:

Glitch Editor

Glitch Profile View

The difference between those two images is how many times i’ve been thanked.

You can also see in the picture below that I am able to edit my profile cover, but not able to edit my avatar or description. Which also very annoying.

I’m sorry if you find me complaining a lot, but it is 4 days since I first mentioned this bug/glitch/error. I would really appreciate if action is taken as quick as possible.


Thanks for raising this issue again. We’re looking into a few issues relating to login and account merging, and we hope to be able to resolve your issue soon.

Hi @ihack2712,

sorry for the issue. We just fixed the thanks count, so you should see the same number in both places now. As for the profile picture and description, you will be able to edit them soon, we are going through a small refactor of that part of the community site, it should be ready in the next few days.

Sorry again for the inconvenience!

Hey! I can actually change my own description now :smiley: Thanks, only profile picture left :slight_smile: