Alternative Glitch Login / Account Recovery

I created a glitch account with an email address that is now deleted. However, there is a project on the glitch account that I really need to edit! Is there any way I can log in without my email? Could I just log in with my user name or could my project be retrieved any other way without changing the URL? This is really important.

You can try checking if you have a Facebook, or GitHub account still attached to that email and try logging in. If your project was public and you remember the name, you can try searching your project here:


I’m afraid that Glitch probably won’t provide support if you can’t email them with the specific email address you signed up with. Have you ever contacted Glitch before using the Help Centre? If yes, you still may be able to send an email to them, using that email address (kind of - it will show as coming from that email), by signing in with the Glitch Help Centre and therefore be able to identify you as the account holder. If you need any help, please feel free to send another post :slight_smile:


I forgot that I connected my git hub account to my glitch account a long time ago! Thank you so much, you’re a lifesaver!!!


Your welcome, happy to help!

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