Alternatives for glitch right now?

So because of this new update of glitch making their URLs unpingable, I cannot host my discord bot, so any alternatives for glitch? I have found some services like and but they have a huge problem…all the code you write is considered open source and anyone can swoop in and take your code, in you have to upgrade to “Hacker Plan” which allows your project to be private, and in its called “Pro”. Can anyone please suggest me a cloud IDE which provides URLs like glitch? It would help me a lot!

People should really notice that the .env part of your project is hidden for repl.
You can always stick all your code in .env as base64 and decode from there if you want to keep the code private :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh wait…I can hide my whole code? like my WHOLE CODE? @javaarchive

yeah you just need to need to turn it into base64 and decode from base64 when you are running it however editing it will be a big problem.

Hmm, I agree…but do you know any services like glitch? Where you can code your bot privately?

For editing, I might as well just use GitHub because I need an account for so I should just make use of that.

What do you mean?? Sorry I don’t understand!

So, make a private github rep, then add all the code, then you convert it to base 64.

Might work on a proof of concept for this…

Might be annoying to have 10-100 files and having to edit all of them.

Probably isn’t practical, just thought it would be fun to try it.


Ima have to self host now. And my ISP randomly goes down at 1:48:30 exactly for no reason. And I have to host like 10 bots. RIP my network card. :frowning:


Not sure why this was flagged, thanks @SpencerSharkey!

Github actions auto converts to base 64 and pushes to diff repo which one can then use to push to


I have been thinking abound buying a raspberry pi and pinging the projects that way. But idk if that would be abuse.

You could just host a bot on there

Or even a website

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I’d rather do that. Cause then I don’t have to rely on GitHub or the raspberry Pi.

Also most websites are pay for private or free for x amount of time

The raspi is actually quite decent and you can just ssh and sftp into it