Alternatives for Swear Words

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I recently discovered how many people use swear words as if they’re an everyday noun or adjective, and when in a server or group that is against swearing they don’t know how to talk correctly because they know no-to-few replacement words. I then proceeded to look online for alternate words to use in place for swear words, and all I found were more swear words or words that had no relevance to how the swear words were being used.

So I decided to create a website that gives more civil replacements. It’s a really simple website with buttons and lists, but that doesn’t make it a bad one, does it? I plan to expand it with more alternatives and swear words in the future.

All alternatives listed on the website are either from memory, Thesaurus, and other online websites.


Not all words on the website are “swear words”, such as Jesus (and “damn” for some people). If you have any complaints or words I should add, please send me a message here on Glitch!

Hope you enjoy! :smile:

  1. Jesus is not a swear word to everyone.
  2. tit is inappropriate, why not breast?
  3. (personal) the font is killing me
  1. I thought I noted that not all words are swearing words but apparently I didn’t, so my bad.
  2. I had been thinking about “tit” for a while and with your recommendation I removed it and “breast” was already there.
  3. That’s fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for th quick response :slight_smile:

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