Alternatives to "" urls ? (coz blacklisted from my isp)

HI …

At my job, urls from “” are blacklisted (but “” are oks) … (seems to be a rule on “.me” tld)
Do you know a workaround to be able to use a “glitch app” at my job ?

Thanks in advance

you can read through the replies at School blocking.

thanks …
but nothing works, for me …
The only thing is to buy a domain name, and set it on my glitch app… (his works!)

But I want to know if “glitch” provides an alternative domain name (eg: “”, or others) to access to a glitch app (without using “”) …

BTW, the other alternative is, to migrate my app to “”, which is not blocked yet ;-(

I don’t think glitch has an alternative domain, but I could be wrong.
you can try getting a free domain at Freenom though.


If you own a domain already, you could use subdomains for each of your apps by configuring it at your namehost end.


For temporary time, You may use womginx offers free domains for 3 projects at a time. If you move your site there, it shouldn’t be blocked. has free subdomains too


This is supposed to work.

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